Wind Cave Trail, Logan Canyon

Wind Cave Trail, Logan Canyon

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We had a spell of beautiful March weather leading up to the weekend we took this hike. However, sunshine and warm temps in the valley, we learned, does not necessarily equate to sunshine 10 minutes up the canyon. This trail was a popular choice for those desperate to pump their blood outdoors. Although many people were on the trail, much of it was either snow-covered or very muddy, especially higher up on the canyon wall. Our trekking poles were essential under these conditions. Still, the views of Logan Peak were spectacular as the trail wound through hollows and meadows. Never particularly steep, the trail rises about 1000 feet above the road. It took us about 1 hour to get to the caves at a very comfortable pace, with plenty of stopping at Sprout’s request. She was happy to hear the birds, blow kisses at canine companions, and point at the snow. She also does a killer bear impression.

The caves themselves were impressive, if a little unnerving for the heights-averse. The inside of the cave is not level, and slopes toward what appeared to be a fatal drop. However, none of us got close enough to be sure. Sprout was fascinated by the cave, as well as the dog greeting everyone who dropped in. At the time we arrived, the sky was starting to spit, and the cave provided some cover as the shower passed. We rested for 20 or 30 minutes and had a snack, speculating on who might have inhabited the caves throughout the ages. Then, much to Sprout’s disappointment, we set out back down the trail. Tears were shed, she’s at a dramatic age. The trail was even more slick coming down and we remained very grateful to have remembered the poles. Overall, a great first hike of the season!

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