Hikes listed as toddler-friendly are hikes that a toddler can walk on their own. For some hikes, only the first segment of the hike is toddler-friendly, but they are still included since many toddlers are not likely to hike more than 1 to 2 miles. Want to do a longer hike? Grab a carrier and let your little one hitch a ride when they get tired.

Please see the hike description for more information.I have also included other area hikes on the this with my assessment of their difficulty. My rating is generally higher (i.e. more difficult) than other guides as I am assuming you are hiking with kids or carrying a child.

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Cache Valley Hikes 

Toddler-Friendly Hikes

Bear River Riparian Trail, Smithfield, Ut (toddler-friendly)

Benson Railroad Trail, Mendon, Ut (toddler-friendly)

Dry Canyon Trail, Smithfield, Ut (toddler-friendly, portion)

Green Canyon Trail,Smithfield, Ut (toddler-friendly)

Logan River Walk, Providence, Ut (toddler-friendly)

Jardine Juniper Trail, Logan Canyon, Ut (toddler-friendly, first segment)


Cherry Creek Trail, Richmond, Ut (mostly toddler-friendly)

Logan Dry Canyon Trail, Logan, Ut

Rick’s Canyon Trail, Logan, Ut

Riverside Nature Trail, Logan Canyon, Ut (2.6 miles RT, mostly toddler-friendly)

Spring Hollow Trail, Logan Canyon, Ut (partially toddler-friendly)

Moderate Hikes (Carrier) 

Crimson Trail, Logan Ut

Five Hills Hike, Smithfield, Ut

Jardine Juniper Trail, Logan Canyon (10.7 miles RT)

Mt. Naomi Trail, Logan Canyon

Smithfield Dry Canyon, Smithfield (easy for snowshoeing)

Wind Cave Trail, Logan Canyon 


Other Utah Hikes

Delicate Arch Trail, Arches NP (toddler-friendly in sections)

Gravel Pit Trail, Antelope Island State Park, Salt Lake City, Ut (toddler-friendly, entrance fee)

Lower Emerald Pools Trail, Zion NP

Kayenta trail, Zion NP

Riverside Walk, Zion NP

Timber Creek Overlook Trail, Zion NP Kolob Canyon (toddler-friendly)

Pothole Point Hike, Canyonlands NP (toddler-friendly)

Roadside Ruin trail, Canyonlands NP (toddler-friendly)



What are your favorite Utah hikes? Let us know so we can check them out!


Interested in writing a trail report on a hike not listed? Let us know! We’d love to expand the list. 

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