Spring Hollow Trail, Logan Canyon, Ut

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Spring Hollow

Since Jacqui’s favorite pastime is hiking, we have a tradition of hiking on Mother’s Day – even in the rain. We woke up to thick clouds and showers in Cache Valley, but no storms, so we quickly planned a hike over breakfast. We selected Spring Hollow Trail, which begins at Spring Hollow Campground. When we arrived, the rain was coming down, so we geared up and set off in the rain, which delighted Sprout.

From the parking lot, we walked South on the road along the creek about three-quarters of a mile. The road is paved with a slight incline, so it is great for toddlers and would also be suitable for strollers. The pavement ends as the trail crosses the creek, which was nice and high on this particular day. After crossing the bridge, which Sprout superstitiously crosses three times, the trail narrows and becomes very rocky (i.e. not stroller-accessible). There is a fork in the trial where Spring Hollow Trail and the Crimson Trail diverge. Stay to the right to continue on the Spring Hollow Trail.

The initial incline is minor, but steepens for short stretches. Sprout was able to walk most of the trail herself, and she was thrilled to be walking up into the clouds. Once the trail leveled off and opened up, there was a misty view of rocky cliffs, and we stopped to eat our sandwiches. Cloudy, wet days are rare in this part of Utah, so we were enthralled by the illusion of clouds getting caught on the trees. It was reminiscent of our post-wedding kickball game in the fog three years ago this month. After lunch, we headed back down, with Sprout holding one of our hands. It was a bit slippery, but she did well – she’s come a long way in one year of hiking! Now if we could only get her to carry some gear.



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