Snowshoeing Dry Canyon Trail

Snowshoeing Dry Canyon Trail

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Cold weather and a steady accumulation of snow over the past few weeks has truly put a halt to our hiking. Although we anticipated this haitus, we have been eager to get outside. So when the forecast called for a sunny weekend and a ‘warm’ 32 degree day, we decided to seize the opportunity to give snowshoeing a try. Aaron has had snowshoes for a few years now, but neither of us have ever done it. With a little research, we learned that there are several places locally to rent snowshoes. We picked some up for me Al’s Sporting Goods so we could try to snowshoe through to Dry Canyon Trail.

Dry Canyon Trail is in the valley (Smithfield), so it was a short drive to the trail head. The well-packed snow covering the road to the trail head was evidence of this trail’s popularity. Our non-four wheel drive vehicle was able to make the 3/4 of a mile drive on the snow covered road without a problem, though I imagine we will not be as lucky in the early spring, when the melting snow leaves this road an icy mess. We will certainly need to invest in a four-wheel drive vehicle if we decide to call Logan our home long-term.

2016-02-06 snowshoeing 001
About to embark on our adventure… next time Sprout will go on his back!

2016-02-06 snowshoeing 002

2016-02-06 snowshoeing 008

The trail was excellent for our first snowshoeing outing. The trail had about 30 inches of snow on it, but it was well packed from the many cross-country skiers and snowshoers who used the trail before us. There was a steady, but mild incline with beautiful views of the valley. The trail becomes far steeper further down the trail (about 2.5 miles in, per other sources), but we did not make it that far to see for ourselves, as carrying Sprout added an extra challenge to an already new activity. I think it would have been easier if Sprout was on Aaron’s back, so we’ll try re-positioning her next time.

As we turned around to head back to the car, we saw a herd of elk (we think they were elk, but it was hard to see from the distance) charging up the mountain. The return trip was far easier as we were heading down hill. Overall, I’d say the trip was a success and we’ll certainly try it again if we are lucky enough to have sunny weekends.

2016-02-06 snowshoeing 011
Sprout was fascinated by the herd of elk (the dots at the top of the mountain) prancing along the ridge.
2016-02-06 snowshoeing 013
Aaron and Sprout looking at the Elk in the distance.


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