Snowshoeing Dry Canyon Trail, Round 2

Snowshoeing Dry Canyon Trail, Round 2

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We still have a lot of snow in the mountains despite a week of sunny weather and warmer temperatures. We decided to give snowshoeing another try before the winter was over (wishful thinking?) to see if we should invest in snowshoes for me (Aaron already has some). Because of avalanche danger and deep snow pack higher up, we returned to the Dry Canyon Trail. Access was more challenging due to icy ruts in the untreated road.

2016-02-21 snowshoeing 007

We set out this time with Sprout on my back because Aaron was feeling under the weather. We quickly covered the ground that we had seen during the last trek up Dry Canyon, snow was still at least two feet, so the snowshoes were necessary. We continued along Dry Creek, which today contained running water. Sprout was observant during the walk saying “Wow” and “More wow” as we walked. She saw deer on the slopes above the canyon, a mama and two young offspring. This sent her into a flurry of expression and concern, because we did not see the papa with his family.

About three-quarters of a mile into the trek we entered the Mt. Naomi wilderness area. Almost immediately past the gate the trail crossed Dry Creek, which we guess would not normally be a problem in a different season if it is in fact dry.


We removed our snowshoes and made a jump for it. Then we replaced our snowshoes, walked another 100 yards, only to discover another crossing. The water was deeper here and the other side steeper, so we decided to turn back.


The downhill was much easier. Our total elevation gain was probably 500 ft. Although the sun never came out, as expected, we enjoyed our second trek on snowshoes.

Sprout decided to leaning back to pose for the picture!


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