Riverside Nature Trail, Logan, Ut

Riverside Nature Trail, Logan, Ut

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We made it to Utah! We are starting to settle into Logan, Utah. We still have some boxes to unpack and some logistics to take care of, but it feels really good to have our stuff back and start settling in after being transient for about a month (4 people’s homes, 2 hotels, and 2 national park campgrounds). We decided to carve out sometime this weekend to take our first hike in the area. The area has many hiking trails near by, but we choose a nice short, nearby hike (3 miles) that was listed as ‘good for families.” We felt this was a good introduction to the area since we were tired and we have done so little hiking this year, so we are a bit out of shape.

“What’s this papa?” Sprout and Aaron on the bridge over a bog. G is pointing to not yet ripe wild blueberries!

We let Sprout touch the water. It was freezing, but she didn’t care. She really wanted to go swimming and was did all she could to try and get in the water. I think we have a future polar bear club member on our hands.

Rather than tempting fate by staying near the water, we decided to start making our way back. We let Sprout walk along the paved area, figuring that it would be safer here than on the narrow cliff side trail. She loved hiking, but kept trying to make her way back to the water.

Tired from all the excitement!



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