Ramsy’s Draft Wilderness hike

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Today we went out to explore the Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness Area. We knew we’d be limited as there is some steep terrain in the area. We walked along a lovely path that followed the creek over some large rocks and through some dense brush. The going was a little slower than we anticipated. Learning to cover terrain with a baby in tow is a little like learning to walk again. Aaron, who was carrying Sprout, was getting a taste of what pregnancy is like with his feet obscured from view. We followed the trail about a mile until it led us to the bottom of a near-vertical boulder scramble — not an option with the baby for at least another month. We backtracked until we found a place to cross the creek to avoid climbing, but after Jacqui slipped off a stepping stone and ended up with soggy feet, we decided not to cross. Instead, we found a nice rock to sit on and enjoy the babbling sound of the creek.

G checking out the leaves above her.

We took Sprout out of her Ergo and discovered she had suffocated a spider with her massive neck folds, avoided a bite. Yay, evolution! After cleaning her up and admiring the secluded mountain stream for a few minutes, we headed back to the car for lunch before heading home.

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