Petroglyphs National Monument: Rinconada Canyon #OptOutside

Petroglyphs National Monument: Rinconada Canyon #OptOutside

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We were very pleased with our family that they would humor our wish to opt out of Black Friday madness and appreciate the great outdoors. So we met around 10 am at Rinconada Canyon, part of the Petroglyphs National Monument just off of St. Joseph Avenue and Unser Boulevard, as the outside air temperatures were rapidly declining before the passing of a cold front. The kids were all bundled (Sprout and her two cousins) and excited for the hike. The mother/mother-in-law/grandma periodically omitted shrill, incoherent noises as she is not built for temperatures below 70. The Philly boys were in a light sweatshirt and a flannel.

2015-11-27 Petrogylphs hike 001
Hey, guys, wait for me!

We wanted to let Sprout get out her leftover turkey energy, so the 2.2 mile walk took us a little over an hour. There was no elevation gain, though a few roughly made steps were challenging for Sprout to traverse. The kids enjoyed spotting the 400-700 year old drawings (which I failed to take pictures of) and Aaron enjoyed pretending he couldn’t see them (the plaque near one drawing explained that Native American’s believed only the chosen ones could see it). Our recommendation is to return by the same path as you hike on. The designated ‘return’ trail was boring, lacking any petroglyphs or any other notable 2015-11-27 Petrogylphs hike 005features. We hurried back through the cold wind and regathered for New Mexico’s signature green chile at Little Anita’s.



2015-11-27 Petrogylphs hike 008
Photo op.

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