Mother’s Day Hike: Little Calf Mountain, Shennadoah National Park

Mother’s Day Hike: Little Calf Mountain, Shennadoah National Park

Last year on Mother’s day, Sprout, Aaron, and I embarked on Sprout’s first ever hike. We took a short walk through George Washington National Forest. However, we failed to get pictures and I haven’t a clue which trail we took.

Today, Sprout is now a seasoned hiker… or hiking parent rider. We have been busy and have not been able to hike as much as we would like, but did take some time today to get out and appreciate the great outdoors in Shenandoah National Park.

We had picked a nice short hike that was about 40 minutes into the park along Skyline drive, but Sprout was not having it. She wanted out of the car. So we found a nice meadow where we had a picnic and looked out over fantastic views:

There was a trailhead in the meadow, so we decided to hike this trail. It was a fairly short hike, but Aaron and I both noted how out of shape we are…. we felt challenged by the hike, particularly when we were carrying an extra 30lbs (we took turns carrying Sprout). We have a lot of hiking to do to get back into shape, but we are up for the challenge. Sprout eventually got frustrated with her hat (it also was about nap time), but thankfully her new carrier has an awning that shades our fair child from the sun.

We hiked for about an hour (at least that is what it felt like… I didn’t check the clock) until we reached Little Calf Mountain Summit. Aaron took the opportunity to demonstrate how one can run in open fields and Sprout, appreciating her Papa’s craziness, kept asking for ‘more’ while giggling.

Sprout was unsure of the ladies taking our photos and one likely though we were a bit crazy as I request that she fake sneeze for Eve. Sprout usually finds sneezes quite entertaining, but, like usual, she made a liar out of us. After the photo opportunity, Aaron and I switched packs and made our way back down to the car.

Before heading home, we took a few minutes to explore a fun tree tunnel by the trailhead. 


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