Making the most of free diapers!

Making the most of free diapers!

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Many retailers have coupon codes and free diaper offers. Nicki’s, for example, has a coupon code for 5% off (FIVE) and you can get free items at different price intervals. For example, you can get a free planetwise snack line item if you spend $49-$99. Personally, I’d prefer a free diaper. This is on thing I really like about Kelly’s closet. They frequently have coupons for free diapers. The amount you have to spend to get a free diaper varies, but the codes change frequently so you just need to watch for the spend limit you need. I have seen coupon codes that require you to spend anywhere from $54 to $119 for a free diaper. Usually the retail cost of the diaper is proportional to the amount spent (i.e. less expensive diapers are sent out for a $54 limit compared to a $119 limit). At the $54 limit, I have received a free Bumgenius 4.0 and a free Imagine pocket diaper (on separate occasions). Each coupon can be used TWICE, by each customer, so make the most of them when they pop up. Currently, there is a coupon for a free OS diaper cover if you spend $59 (KITE) and another for a free OS AIO if you spend $119 (HATCH).

In this post, I want to highlight how you can take advantage of the free diaper offers with a hypothetical purchase list. I intentionally selected a variety of items that one might want if they are starting out cloth diapering. This includes 2 pail liners, 2 travel wetbags, 24 infant prefolds, 2 small size covers, 2 OS pockets/covers (that tend to fit smaller babies well), 2 OS covers that fit smaller babies, 6 additional OS/size 2 covers, 1 swim diaper, snappis, and 5 additional OS diapers (likely pockets) that you would get FREE from coupon codes. This is nearly a full stash for both infant and toddler years for $329. You could spend less if you choose less expensive brands (ex. switch out the softbums for more flips, etc), but I wanted to use a nice variety for the example here. (See this post for more on cloth diapering on a budget.) All that would be remaining would be large flats or prefolds to fit your bigger baby, which I’d recommend buying from Nicki’s or Diaper Junction.

First, Sign up for Kelly’s Closet newsletter and get a coupon code for 10% off your first order. For the most part, the order of the purchases does not matter. However, you will want to make your biggest purchase with your 10% off coupon.

Purchase 1 (*If you plan to buy a tula or something else expensive, this would be a good time to buy with your 10% off, you’ll also get more rewards points):

Subtotal: $111.40, use 10% off coupon

Total: $100.26, use coupon code for free diaper (one of the high limit coupons i.e. minimum of $100 spent)


Purchase 2:

Total: $60.40, plus coupon code for free diaper


Purchase 3:

Total: $54.65, plus coupon code for free diaper


Purchase 4:

Total: $54.94, plus coupon code for free diaper


Purchase 5 (*will have $10 off purchase from reward points, more if you opted to buy other items):

Subtotal: ~$68.84 (depending on diaper choice), minus $10 rewards

Total: $58.84

Total Spent: $329, for 24 prefolds, 7 pocket diapers**, 4 sized covers, 6 OS covers, 1 swim diaper, and accessories

Whatever you decided you want on your purchase list, it is helpful to think it through in advance so that you can distribute the items across purchases in a way that maximizes your rewards and free diapers! This gives you a great chance to test out different brands or types of diapers that you may not otherwise have bought. I’m going to look into ways of maximizing your purchase on other websites as well, so stay tuned! I decided to start with Kelly’s Closet, because I am most familiar with their program. Happy shopping!


Do you have a favorite retailer that you think offers great rewards? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to review their rewards program and see how families can make the most of their diaper purchases.

Links in the post are affiliate links. I hope that they will help make this blog sustainable. 

*I personally prefer the traditional fit infant prefolds for folding onto a newborn, but if you prefer the ‘better fit’ style, than go with imagine, nicki’s, or diaper junction. You can buy better fit prefolds or flats from Nicki’s (use coupon code: FIVE) or Diaper Junction (use coupon code: HIGHFIVE).

**assuming five free pocket diapers


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