Lucky Bums Skis  Review

Lucky Bums Skis Review

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I am not an expert skier. In fact, I have only skied a handful of times in my life, so I may not be the most qualified to offer a review on skis. However, I don’t think most toddler skis are meant to created expert skiers (quite yet), so hopefully I can provide some insight for others hoping to expose their sprouts to skiing before they are ready for official lessons.

Disclaimer: While this review does contain affiliate links, all opinions are my own. We purchased these skis on our own and were not provided any incentives to conduct this review.

Living in Northern Utah, we have a lot of fabulous snow and great mountains for skiing. However, Sprout isn’t quite old enough to take ski lessons (she is 2.75 years old). Even if she was, I don’t think I would want to spend the money to have her learn the basics (like balancing). So, instead hubby and I decided we’d look for some skis that Sprout could use in local canyons where trails are maintained for cross-country skiing. (Though I have minimal skiing experience, Aaron is quite the skier and will be in charge of Sprout’s ski lessons). In our search, we found a few options, but ultimately decided on the Lucky Bum Beginner Snow Skis (Amazon link), which we bought for $32.99 on (They recently had them on sale without poles for $29.99). For that price, they are fantastic and I highly recommend them (even the ~$45 on Amazon isn’t bad).

We have only been able to take Sprout out on the skis twice so far, but they have been a big hit (though she was a tad cranky on our second round, that wasn’t really skiing related). We took her to a local canyon that has a slight incline and let her try them on. On our first evening out, Aaron held her hand as she came down the hill towards me trying to keep her feet from crossing. She loved it! She fell often, but kept asking for more and was disappointed when we had to go home. The trail was more busy on our second go and a few people stopped to check out the skis thinking they may be good for their own little sprouts.

I love the adjustable sizing and that they can be worn with snow boots. These are absolutely beginner skis, meant for toddlers about 2 to about 4 years old. You do not need special ski boots, rather you strap your toddler’s regular snow boots to the adjustable binding. The skis came with the bindings set on the middle of three positions for the binding. We have not adjusted it yet, but this setting is probably a little big for Sprout’s size 7 (toddler) snow boots (she has small feet), which means we should be able to use these for a few years still. Her foot did slip out of it at least once, but she was able to use the skis even on the bigger setting. I’m sure we will not longer have this problem once we adjust the binding to the appropriate size. I love the fact that we don’t need special snow boots, but if you are looking for a more serious toddler ski, you may be interested in these, which seem more like a ‘real’ ski (though we have not tried them).

The binding can be set on 3 different sizes. Here it is on the middle size.


Increased traction. The back of the skis have scales on the bottom to increase traction so it is harder for toddlers to run off in the snow. Sprout still slid on the snow, so she got the idea behind skiing, but I don’t expect her to go fast with these skis.


Blunt edges. The skis are made of a hard plastic so kids won’t get cut on any sharp edges.

The skis also come with a set of poles. While these are completely unnecessary for a toddler (I’ve been told they should learn without skis), Sprout loves to steal our trekking poles, so the poles are an added bonus for us.


These are the poles that come with the skis.


If your kids are older, when did you first take your sprouts skiing? Those with younger sprouts, when do you plan to teach them or have you already? Any tips?

And for fun, here is a video of Sprout’s first day on skis. Please ignore the singing 😉


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