Honeymoon Day 8: Seward to Anchorage, Ak with a stop in Coopers Landing

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This post is admittedly not about Sprout. In fact, it is pre-Sprout. However, we thought some people may be interested in our Alaskan travel and wanted to move our prior posts to this blog. This is post 8 of 13 in our Honeymoon Series.

Location: Seward to Anchorage, Ak with a stop in Coopers Landing

We gobbled up our last sourdough pancake breakfast. Though they were tasty, we are pancaked out and ready for a change in our breakfast routine. The must-see attraction nearby is the Exit Glacier. We drove down the way and had a quick view, but decided it didn’t match the power of yesterday’s. So, we went off to find something else to fill our day. We decided on a short hike in Chugach National Forest near the Primrose Campground. We only hiked a short distance to avoid wearing ourselves out before our trip to Denali, but the scenery was mystical. Jacqui felt it was like a scene from Ferngully while Aaron was envisioning hobbits trekking across the world to destroy the One Ring. Poll: who is the bigger nerd?

We were told by some fellow Pennsylvanians that Kenai Lake, near Coopers Landing, is something to behold with crystal blue waters like the Caribbean. We are writing our blog post as we are sitting on its shores snacking on some cheese, crackes, and apples. We have noticed that the notorious Alaksan monster mosquitoes are starting to emerge for the season. We hope they will wait another week before coming out in full force.

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