Good bye Yellowstone, Hello Grand Teton.

Good bye Yellowstone, Hello Grand Teton.

We woke from the frigid night to the sun in our tent. In the morning, we took our time warming up our green chile breakfast burritos (prepped at home and wrapped in tin foil) and coffee, and discussed how we would proceed given the difficulties caused by the cold weather. We quickly decided that we’d like our daughter to retain functionality of her fingers for more than 17 months, and so we would head home to sleep that night. By the time the tent was packed, she was already drowsy (indicating that she didn’t sleep well in the cold, as we suspected), and so we planned to drive south as far as possible while she was asleep in the car. This led us through the southern reaches of Yellowstone and into Grand Teton National Park in time for lunch.

Sprout helping us take down the tent.


Some Elk crossing the river on our way out of Yellowstone.


Over some more PB&J at a visitor’s center in the Teton Valley, we decided we’d hike on the shore of Jackson Lake and then meander on the Teton Highway towards Jackson, Wyoming for dinner. Photos couldn’t do the mountains justice, but we are hopeful to return for a backcountry trip once Sprout can carry her own gear (so probably in a year or two 😉 ).



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