Food Friday: Breakfast burritos for a nice hot camping breakfast

Food Friday: Breakfast burritos for a nice hot camping breakfast

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We love breakfast burritos. What is not to like? They are delicious and contain all the breakfast components in one handheld package. Yum. However, I don’t think either of us would enjoy making them when we are camping. They would take too long and the clean up probably would get old fast. So instead, we prepare them ahead of time, freeze them, and warm them up when we are ready to eat them. In general, we try to prepare food before we go camping, as this makes our lives easier. This is one food that works really well for that.

Prep tips: Prepare burritos at least 1 day before you leave on your trip so that they have time to freeze.

Eating tip: Plan to eat the burritos on day 1 or 2 of your trip, so that they are still good.



Eggs (1.5 – 2 eggs per burrito)

Potatoes (~1 small potato per burrito)


Shredded cheese

Tortillas (1 per burrito)

salt & pepper to taste

Green chile (optional, but delicious)

Also needed: Aluminum foil & sharpie (for labeling which burritos contain chile)

Cooked potatoes and burrito assembly.
Eggs and wrapped burritos.


  1. Scramble eggs in oil, adding cheese, salt, pepper, and green chile to taste. (We make a separate batch without green chile and salt for Sprout).
  2. Cut and fry potatoes (in oil).
  3. Let eggs and potatoes cool enough that you don’t burn yourself, then add them to the tortilla.
  4. Wrap the tortilla into a burrito. Then wrap the burrito with aluminum foil. Mark any spicy burritos accordingly so that a toddler (or anyone else) does not get a hot surprise.
  5. Put burritos in the freezer for at least 12 hours (24 hours would be better to ensure they are thoroughly frozen).
  6. Put frozen burritos in your cooler. They will serve as ice packs for other food, while also staying fresh themselves.

Re-heating: Burritos can be heated in the hot coals of a fire (turn a few times) or on a camp stove. Either way they are delicious. Enjoy!


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