First camping trip with a baby

First camping trip with a baby

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Despite warnings that the weather was to be less than ideal, we headed out to Wolf Gap Recreation Area on the Virginia/West Virginia border in the George Washington National Forest to test out our new (very large) tent and see how Sprout would handle camping. Driving up into the mountain was reminiscent of our wedding weekend, with the cloudy mist and fog settled between the trees. We waited for our friends, Rebecca and Artur, at the campground with the clouds hanging ominously among the trees. Sprout appeared to enjoy the cool mountain air as we scouted out the campsites. As soon as we returned to the car, it promptly began to pour. The clouds descended on the mountain and Artur and Rebecca arrived. Coincidence? We think not.

In a torrential downpour, we decided we needed more supplies (i.e. firewood that wasn’t wet) and Sprout needed a nap. So we drove back to town, with Sprout dosing in her car seat. When we got back, the rain had lifted and we set up camp. We were glad we had friends to help us set up the tent as it was a bit more work than our little two person tent that we are used to. The only thing it was missing was a gun rack.

Aaron (and Rebecca, not pictured) preparing our dinner packets. (Chicken sausage with peppers and onions)

It was getting late, but we decided to take a short walk anyway. That plan was quickly undone by more rain showers. Artur and Aaron cracked open beers and we all huddled in our not so compact tent and gazed at Sprout. After the rain let up, Artur commenced his obsession – maintaining a roaring campfire, while Aaron and Rebecca prepared our dinner and Jacqui tended to the Sprout.

We enjoyed our dinner, the company, the roaring fire, and some cake (courtesy of Rebecca), before settling in for the night.

Day 2

Sprout slept wonderfully in our tent. Unfortunately, Aaron did not. His fatherly instincts kept him up as he listened to the coyotes howling in the forest.

Aaron, Sprout, and Dr. Who peering out of the tent.
Campfire chef, Becca, preparing our oatmeal breakfast.

We had breakfast and packed up camp, then headed out on our hike. The trail head for the Big Schloss hike began at the campground, so it was easy to find. The hike began with a bit of a climb. Shortly after we started, Aaron realized that he was far to tired for the hike and decided to turn around and wait for us at the car. Rebecca generously offered to carry our diaper backpack for us (which also held Jacqui’s water). The hike had many beautiful vistas and culminated with a somewhat steep climb to a rocky fortress. All and all, Sp’s first camping trip was a success! 


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