Father’s day gifts for the outdoor dad

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Two-way radio: Two-way radios can be great if you often camp or hike in areas where you don’t have great cell service or won’t be able to charge your phone often. These have been on our want list for years… We have been very grateful when other family members bring them along when we are on family camping trips. ($70)

Gender-neutral/Masculine Baby Carrier: I know my husband is often the one carrying Sprout and I’m sure he was quite happy when we moved from our very feminine ergo to the simple black/gray Lillebaby carryon that we have. There are many great options out there. Here are a few (orange is a great color if you are hiking in hunting areas): ($140 to $299)



Camp kitchen items for an expanding family:

Tuff gloves: Great for in the home, BBQ, or camping. These gloves can protect your hands from very hot temperatures (do not put your hand in the fire though). I was quite impressed when I witnessed my brother-in-law holding a very hot over door, that had inconveniently fallen off from the rest of the oven, with a pair of Tuff Gloves while trying to reattach it to the oven. ($6.97)

Backpacking camp stove: We recently go this stove, which came highly recommended. It is super compact and quite inexpensive. ($8-$10)

Car camping stove: If you plan to do a lot of car camping, a nice stove would be a great gift. Sometimes it is nice to be able to make a quick meal rather than having to build a fire… particularly in really hot weather. ($40.39)

Larger pot: If you are like us, your little backpacking pot is not big enough for dinners for 3 (or more). We got this pot (3.2L version) and the stove above last month and have been happy with it so far. It is light weight for the size, so we will absolutely be able to use it when ever we are able to backpack again, but it is also big enough to serve multiple people and cook when car camping. I love the handles on both sides of the pot and the strainer feature on the lid. One word of caution (that was given to us) is to use a canister stand, if you are using this with a small backpacking stove. It is quite wide. ($28-$66, varies by size)

Coffee drip: These are great for car camping and backpacking. ($13.99)


Hiking pants: A nice pair of hiking pants really makes for a more pleasant hiking experience. ($51-$100)


Fleece jacket: A high quality, warm fleece jacket is incredibly versatile and nice to have on those camping trips when the temperatures drop at night (Unless a cold wife steals it). ($92 to $180)

Upgrade hiking boots. 


Multitool: I have no idea how functional this is, but it looks really cool, fits in a wallet, and the Amazon reviews are very high. ($12.99)

Leatherman: A more complex multitool would also be a great gift for someone who doesn’t already have one. ($89.95)

Send him to a wilderness first aid class: You can find these classes at some universities (through their rec office) or at outdoor stores. Check to see if REI has one near you. 

Upgrade other gear, such as his tent, trekking poles, backpack, etc. 

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