Camp Toiletries Towel Tutorial

Camp Toiletries Towel Tutorial

My family and I are going to Mesa Verde National Park this week (a place I have wanted to go to for years), and I am super excited. As I do in preparation for any trip, I read about the park, the campground, and people’s experiences in general. One complaint seemed to come up repeatedly: there are no hooks, shelves, or soap in the campground bathrooms. Where do you put your toothpaste when brushing your teeth? where do you put your soap?, etc. We will be meeting up with my mom, sister and her family – dealing with multiple kids and stuff at the sink without anywhere to put things, seems like it would be an unnecessary challenge.

This (old) little toiletries towel belt that my mom made for me during my Girl Scout days seemed the perfect solution, so I decided to make some for my niece and nephew (hopefully they will share with their parents). You put your toiletries in the pockets, wrap it around your waist, and the top part of the towel, which folds over, can be used to wipe your hands or face.

20+ year-old towel toiletries belt for camping



Hand Towel

Twill Tape (I used an inch wide, but 1.5 inch wide would be better)


Toiletries to put in them (I like these containers: GoToobs and Travelon Tubes)

Step 1. 

Fold and pin the lower portion of the towel. Measure the length and width of your toiletries to make your pockets the right shape. Mark pocket edges with a pin. Plan to put heavier items in the center pockets and lighter items (toothbrush) in the outer pockets.

Step 2. 

Sew the edges of the pocket and each pocket line with a sewing machine.

Pockets at the bottom edge of the towel.


Step 3.

Fold the edge of the twill tape over and sew a hem so that they do not fray.

Step 4.

Fold the top of the towel over so that it lines up with the bottom of the pockets. Pin the twill tape along the back. Make sure that you do not pin it to the top flap (the part without the pocket). You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of twill tape on both sides to serve as belt.

Twill tape sewn to the back of the towel/ belt. This is the part that will go against ones body.


Step 5. 

Sew the twill tape to the towel… and your done! So easy!


The front of the towel with the top folded over. The excess twill tape will be used to tie the belt to our waists.


Toiletry items go inside the pockets.


They were super easy to make and I think they will be a great solution to the problem of no shelves/hooks. I hope they like them! I’ll let you know how they go when we get back.

Have a good week everyone!

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