Bib/Lovey Clip Tutorial… a must have for hiking (or life) with a toddler

Bib/Lovey Clip Tutorial… a must have for hiking (or life) with a toddler

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After about 6 months of using traditional bibs and having the Velcro get stuck to all our towels and other things in the wash, I decided I was done with bibs. I made a few of these bib clips and never looked back. They are so functional, compact, and easy to make, I don’t know why they aren’t more popular. It didn’t take me long to realize that these little clips are good for much more than bibs at home. I keep one in my purse so that I can turn napkins into bibs at restaurants and we always have one with us when we hike to hold Sprout’s sleeping buddy: Dr. Who. Since these aren’t commonly found in stores, I decided to make a quick tutorial so that you all can experience their greatness as well! Let me know in the comments if you have found other uses for these clips!


Fabric or 1″ Grosgrain ribbon (I used flannel)



Kam clips*

Sewing machine (or needle to hand sew)


*You can also use the metal clips that are more easily found at craft stores, but they are not as strong and it is easier for little hands to undo these. I like to get the clips from Amazon (affiliate link, Thanks in advance!) because of free shipping with Amazon prime. You can also get them from Kam directly, but you have to buy a lot to get free shipping. Unfortunately, there is no way to just buy a pair, so you may just need to make some for friends 🙂


If you are using ribbon, you can skip down to Step 5. Ribbon works well, but I like that flannel is softer on Sprout’s neck and it looks nicer too. 


Step 1: 

Cut flannel into 3″ wide by 10″ long strips. Fold the strips in 1/2 length wise and pin them closed with the pattern side facing in.


Step 2: If using a sewing machine, use the guides to sew a straight line 1-inch from the folded side.



Step  3: Trim the excess from the side you sewed.



Step 4: Turn the tube of fabric right-side out. This is probably the hardest part of the whole task! I used a long baby spoon to help me push it through at first, but found a chopstick worked even better the next time around.














Step 5: Thread the clip through the ends of the fabric. If you have a preference for which side is up, you will want to thread the fabric through so that the back of the clip (flat part) is facing up and the backside of the fabric is facing up. Fold over a small amount of fabric so that you have a clean edge, then fold the fabric over the clip and pin it down.

Click through to see a tutorial on how to make bib clips!
Back of the fabric (part that goes against Sprout’s neck) and the back of the clip facing up.
Click through to see a tutorial on how to make bib clips!
Fold a small amount of fabric over to make a clean edge.
Click through to see a tutorial on how to make bib clips!
Make sure the end of the clips are about 7.5 inches apart when folding the fabric over the clip.















Step 6: Sew the folded over fabric closed. I like to do a full back stitch (sewing the whole way across and back again) to give it added strength as Sprout often pulls at her bibs to undo them. Unlike with Velcro bibs, she can’t pull these off. Repeat on the other side, making sure you have about 7.5 inches between the clips. I find any longer leaves too much space between the bib and Sprout’s neck and makes the bib less functional. A little shorter would probably work – you’d just have to adjust where you attach the clip to the bib.



Click through to see our tutorial for making bib/toy clips!
The Final Product!


See? Super easy! You can also make wipes to go with the clips by sewing up squares of flannel fabric or you can buy some from many shops on etsy. These ones (not an affiliate link) are pretty inexpensive.

Let me know in the comments if you decide to make some and how it goes for you!

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