Benson Railroad Trail, Cache Valley, UT

Benson Railroad Trail, Cache Valley, UT

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Benson River TrailWith our busy schedule and spotty spring weather, we hopped out early Saturday morning for a quick hike. Jacqui heard about this trail in a discussion of toddler-friendly trails on the local Hike it Baby Facebook group and we thought it would be great to give Sprout the opportunity to hike on her own. It was a perfect trail for a cool, sunny morning hiking with a toddler. It was flat, but there was plenty of wildlife to look at, including a snake, ducks, herons, geese, and songbirds. The views of the Wellsville Range were spectacular on the trail, to boot.

We hiked along the west side of the reservoir in a southerly direction to start. We made a turn to the east for the second leg, walking about 0.5 miles until we turned back. Sprout’s favorite part was crossing the bridge.


2016-04-30 benson railroad trail 058

2016-04-30 benson railroad trail 082


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