Honeymoon, Day 5: Valdez to Whittier to Seward, Ak

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This post is admittedly not about Sprout. In fact, it is pre-Sprout. However, we thought some people may be interested in our Alaskan travel and wanted to move our prior posts to this blog. This is post 5 of 13 in our Honeymoon Series.

Location: Valdez to Whittier to Seward, Ak

Today was planned to be another travel day from Valdez on the Alaska mainland to Seward on the Kenai Peninsula via the Alaskan Marine Highway. Our ferry left in the late morning, so we had an unhurried breakfast. We stayed on the outskirts of Valdez, but because Valdez is only about six blocks long, we had a short drive to the ferry. We brought our rental car, Yoda the Toyota, with us on the ferry – which we think is Jacqui’s first experience with taking a car on a ferry. The ferry ride was comfortable and the views of the Alaskan coast were lovely as we traveled to the small port town of Whittier. Along the way, we watched for wildlife and saw a large coop of sea lions along the coast and a quick glimpse of a humpback whale. Unfortunately the whale passed quickly.

Tip of the iceberg
Sea lions lounging on the beach.

We disembarked in Whittier and planned to drive to Seward, a route that would not have been an option prior to 2000, when the road to Whittier was created. We stopped for lunch in a local place and had some fish burgers. A young woman laughed at Aaron when he asked if she was getting 3G on her iPhone. The only land route out of Whittier requires travelling through the longest tunnel in North America, a single lane tunnel shared by cars and trains. In other words, an accident waiting to happen should the computer facilitating the traffic flow fail. The other side of the tunnel is Kenai Peninsula and 75 miles of highway twisting through a labyrinth of snow-capped peaks, avalanche prone narrows, marshes, and lakes. After Jacqui’s short bout of vehicular narcolepsy, Aaron pulled over just past the town of Moose Pass for a short walk along a creek in the Chugach National Forest. Both of us jumped when we were surprised by a moose hiding in the bushes… those moose really are good at blending in. He was too close for a photo op; we felt it better to put distance between us.

Alpine lake.
Berries along a trail. We are sure these are popular among the bears before the salmon start filling the streams.

A moose with her calf.

Down the road a little we came across a moose and her calf feeding in a marsh, of which we took many pictures. When we arrived at Seward, Jacqui was ready to devour crab and would not accept anything less. Our hosts at the Sourdough Sunrise B & B recommended The Salmon Bake restaurant down the street for dinner (it’s slogan is “Cheap Beer and Lousy Food,” but we were warned that neither the beer was cheap nor the food, lousy). Aaron was happy with his Alaskan beer and Jacqui with her Alaskan king crab and retired vowing that we would eat every meal in Seward at this restaurant.

Jacqui, happy as a clam

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